The Ultimate Guide To Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts so you can see now that how the  image looks like and I’ll give you a view in outside in the Sun so this is how it looks Personalized gifts now for the third DIY we  are going to transfer an image to a candle so a person is candle so.

I have taken an a printing paper and on top of  that I have kept a tissue paper and then I’m securing the tissue paper to the printing paper with the help of sellotape so that it doesn’t move once  it is secured correctly then I’ll put it upside down in the printer to get.

A printout of my favorite image picture your personal picture anything that you  want in whatever size you want depending upon the size of the candle so I want this size the size of the square so I’ll be cutting it out I’ll just use the top  portion which is the tissue paper now this is the pillar candle and this is how it will look now so this is this needs to be transferred to the candle so what you need to do is attach it to the  candle now.

You take a VAX paper you get it very easily at a store so take a wax paper a big enough size to cover this image get the image in the candle then on top of that I kept the VAX paper now it needs any sort of  heat medium to transfer this image onto the candle so.

I don’t have a heat gun so I have a blow-dryer that I will be using to transfer it so take the blow dryer and then just blow-dry it until you see that the wax has started melting so good to three minutes all round and then you will see that finally the image will be transferred to the candle now you can use not just any image but you can use your own personal pictures for this project.

As well any coat that you like anything you like or whatever you like  and then I have wore a mitten here because the blow dryer was giving too much heat and then once it’s done you remove the wax paper and it’s finally #Facebook transferred onto the candle so it looks like this right now I’ve just decorated it with a ribbon on top and bottom and now I will be putting some decorative  stones or crystals whatever you may call it just to make it.


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